Get Started

Follow these steps to

start testing our API Products

1 - Create a Developer Account

If you have not registered yet, create your developer account by clicking on

"Resgister" in the top right menu of this screen or press the following button "


2 - Try our Demo API

The Demo API allows you to understand how Wakam's APIs work. Use this API

up to 100 calls/months until your are ready to start a partnership with us.

Demo API

3 - Browse and find your API

Browse our API catalog and start integrating our APIs. Each of your API is displayed

in the list. Create a developer account (step 1) if you have not done so!

API Catalog

4 - Integrate the endpoints

You sandbox token allows you to call the different endpoint of our API.


- POST/getPrice to access the Pricing

- Connect your Policy Admin System with ours using the INSURANCE API

API to manage Policies

If you already have a partnership, whenever your contract is signed, you will

receive an On-Boarding guide with more information on the integration process

to follow.

More Details here